My God...


... my stronghold.

These words are well known but what do they mean for me?

God is my stronghold. My hiding place, my home. But that is not all. I believe that God wants to be close to me and other people still or especially today. He loves each one of us in his individuality and created us with love. He wants to be part of our life. He sent His Son into the world to die and resurrect for our sins for that we are set free and can live a life with Him without barriers remaining.

Faith is more than just a hope in hard times. To believe and follow means to live and I mean to really live, seek and follow. Why? God provides the assurance, that I am not alone. I can share my sorrows and happines with Him; He is my best friend. He gives me the freedom of joy in my life. It is an active decision to fully rely on Him and trust and follow Him hole heartedly. That does not mean, I am without any worries and nothing bad will happen to me but I am sure, that I do not have to deal with it by myself. He is with me, places people at my side and listens and provides in so may different ways.