Recently I have been looking for a nice tool helping in preparing song presentations efficiently. Previously I used a self developed web interface to generate presentations which can be presented using OpenOffice/ LibreOffice but this has not really been intuitive.

My requirements were to generate presentations easily to be shown on a beamer as well as the generation of sheets with lyrics and chords. As a solution I found OpenSong which handles the songs including chords in text files. I can create presentations quickly by just selecting the songs. Still the system is quite flexible. I can categorize the songs in folders and also add bible verses of different translations easily. For the detailed features visit In addition I found an app for Android to display the lyric/ chords directly on a tabled saving the paper to print out the chord sheets.

Since I am using different computers I was still missing the function of synchronisation. Since I am using services like Dropbox and OwnCloud, I developed a small wrapping application. Starting this app instead of OpenSong directly, it will first of all permit to synchronize my songs with a shared folder. This folder can be a network path, dropbox folder or similar. The songs are synchronized by file which means by individual song by using a timestamp in a user defined field.

If you are curious about this tool, please login and return to this page to download the sources.This package contains a small installer as well, which will put all togehter (including OpenSong) on your computer. Anyway, you will need to put the OpenSong program files into the corresponding directory by your self. These files are available from the OpenSong Homepage.

Since this tool replaced the previous song collection: If you had access to the previous songs, please contact me by mail or phone.