Computer stuff

Doing something with these machines called computer is not always easy, if you do not have a tutorial or clear instructions. To avoid to reinvent the wheel all the time, I started sharing some of the things, I have already implemented or tried. Maybe it is somehow helpful for you.


OpenSong is a program to present songs on a beamer but also helps to manage the lyrics with chords for those of you, who play guitar.

I added a little wrapping program to get some kind of synchronization feature.



I am using the content management system Typo3 for this website. It is flexible but also needs some installation and configuration to get it running.

There are a lot of good tutorials available in the web. Hence I will just show a simple description of how I especially solved it on this website.



Having an DLNA compatible speaker at home I started using XBMC on a rhaspberry Pi to "host" my music. Though the media center can do way more, I mostly use it to have my music available to play by tablet or cellphone to the network attached speakers.